Career at UCIL

UCIL is one the fastest growing consulting firms in South Asia whose core strength is a group of bright and energetic young professionals who have been changing the landscape of the industry through their creativity, dynamism, and highest standards of professionalism.

It offers a flat management structure where professional growth is self-driven and the work environment encourages independence and initiative. UCIL thrives on a work hard, play hard culture and balances a no-nonsense approach towards work with an equally friendly office atmosphere.

UCIL attaches highest importance to ethical code of conduct and has a policy of zero tolerance for unethical and/or unprofessional acts. Due to the significant expansion of its operations, both at home and abroad, UCIL is now expanding its resource pool by hiring well qualified professionals for the following positions. Applicants are encouraged to browse through the website to gain further knowledge about the firm. All current openings are listed below.


Current Openings

Team Leader/Economist, 15 Years Experience, Masters (Preferably PhD) in Economics, Social Science or relevant fields.

M&E Specialist/Statistician, 10 years of experiences

Livelihood Specialist, 10 years of experiences



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