UCIL have extensive experience in socioconomic and human resource development. The activities are:

  • Impact evaluation
  • Study on urban and rural credit
  • Socioeconomic survey
  • Training and capacity building



Completed projects:

1. Impact Evaluation of Community Infrastructure Works in Social Investment Program Project (PHRD Grant No. TF 056967-B), World Bank (2009-2010), WB/SDF, Bangladesh

2. Operationalization for Managing of Development Result (ADB TA No 4765-NEP), (2006-2008), Nepal

3. Urban and rural credit in Bangladesh and to what degree the success or failure of these programmes have contributed to children becoming involved in WFCL, ILO (2005), Bangladesh

4. The Plight of Displaced People and Communities through Disasters such as Loss of Land from River Erosion and how this leads to an Increase of Children in Worst Forms of Child Labour “, ILO (2005), Bangladesh

5. The Socio-Economic Survey on Inhabitants in Storm Water Drainage Zones of Dhaka City , JICA (2005), Bangladesh

6. The Impact of the end of MFA and How the loss of employment may lead to an increase in the number of families (especially children) becoming involved in WFCL, ILO (2005), Bangladesh

7. Social Protection for the Poor Especially Disadvantaged Women and children (ADB TA NO. 4085-BAN), ADB (2004), Bangladesh

8. Strengthening of Public Administration Training Project (ADB TA No. 2882-BAN), ADB(1998), Bangladesh