UCIL operational emphasis in management and administration sectors. The activities cover:

  • Supporting good governance initiative
  • Capacity development
  • Benefit monitoring and evaluation
  • Results-based M&E
  • Management consultancy



Completed projects:

1. Establishing an EZ Coordinating Cell in the Bangladesh Board of Investment (BOI), IFC/WB (2009), Bangladesh

2. Strengthening Results-Based Monitoring & Evaluation Project (ADB TA No-4880-BAN), ADB (2007-2009), Bangladesh

3. ADB TA Supporting Good Governance Initiatives II, ADB (2007-2008), Bangladesh

4. Supporting Good Governance Initiatives (Part B: Support for Public Sector Anticorruption Initiatives) – ADB TA 4140-BAN, ADB (2004), Bangladesh

5. Management Consultancy of PCR Mission for Bangladesh Open University Project, ADB (2000), Bangladesh, ADB (2000), Bangladesh

6. Strengthening Capacity for Planning at Local Level Project Formulation Mission II, UNICEF (1999), Bangladkesh, UNICEF (1999), Bangladesh

7. TA for Evaluation of ADB Assistance to Developing Member Countries for Benefit Monitoring and Evaluation in Agriculture and Social Sector (ADB RETA No. 5636), ADB (1995-1996), Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka)