UCIL completed different fisheries and livestock development projects effectively and efficienlty. The consultantion services in this area of:

  • Technical support
  • Institutional strengthening
  • Impact and Evaluation study
  • Project management
  • Research and development


Completed projects:

1. National Agriculture Technology Project-DOF part 2008-2012), WB/DOF, Bangladesh

2. Deploy of Field Assistance; MLSS and Driver under National Agricultural Technology Project (NATP) under DOF Part, IFAD/GoB/WB (2009-2012), Bangladesh

3. Evaluation Study of the Aquaculture Development Project, GoB (2010), Bangladesh

4. Technical Support for Genetic Improvement of Brood Stock and Hilsa Management under Forth Fisheries Project, World Bank (2005-2006), Bangladesh

5. Fourth Fisheries Project (Credit No. 3276-BD), DFID (2000-2005), Bangladesh

6. Aquatic Resources Development, Management and Conservation Studies in Bangladesh (TF -022832-BD), GEF (2001-2005), Bangladesh

7. Minor Study on Aquaculture Development Project, IFAD (2004), Bangladesh

8. An Impact Study for Second Aquaculture Development Project (RSC No. C10662-BAN), ADB (2001-2002), Bangladesh

9. Institutional Strengthening in the Fisheries Sector of Bangladesh, FAO (1991-1992), Bangladesh