UCIL its clients technical advice and implementation support for financial managment, trade and commerce. We combine in-depth knowledge and understanding of regulatory and economic conditions with functional skills to deliver innovative solutions. We are with our client at every step of the way to help ensure that resources are used effectively. Our activites in this sector includes:

  • Financial sector infrastructure development
  • Study on Leather, garments, RMG and Textile sectors
  • Study on banking and export sectors
  • Institutional Strategy Development



Completed projects:

1, ADB TA No. 4565-UZB: Financial Sector Infrastructure Development, Japan Special Fund (2006) Uzbekistan

2. Project Coordination and Development Unit of Bangladesh Export Diversification Project (IDA Credit No. 3229-BD),World Bank (1999-2004), Bangladesh

3. A Desk Study of Status/ Strategies of Leather Sector of the Competing Countries, GTZ (2003-2004), Bangladesh

4. A Census Study of Leather Sector, GTZ (2003-2004), Bangladesh

5. Study on Standards, Testing and Certification, WB/IDA/GoB (2004), Bangladesh

6. The Possibility of Market Access to Seven Sisters in India, WB/IDA/GoB (2003), Bangladesh

7. Study on the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Banking and Financial Services for Exporters, WB/IDA/GoB (2003), Bangladesh

8. Study on Institutional Review and Analysis, WB/IDA/GoB 2002),Bangladesh

9. Institutional Strategic Development Plans (2001–2004) for MOC, BTC, EPB and FBCCI, WB/IDA/GoB (2001), Bangladesh

10. Preliminary Study of the Bangladesh Ready Made Garment Sector, WB/IDA/GoB (2001), Bangladesh

11. Study on Border Trade with India, WB/IDA/GoB (1999-2000), Bangladesh

12. Study on Impact of SAARC Cumulation Agreement on Bangladesh RMG and Textiles Sectors and on the overall Economy of Bangladesh, WB/IDA/GoB (2001)

13. Study on Transshipment Agreement, WB/IDA/GoB (1999-2000), Bangladesh

14. A Study on Constraints to Growth and Diversification in the Export Sector in Bangladesh, WB/IDA/GoB (2000)

15. Efficiency Enhancement of Fiscal Management Project (ADB TA No. 3066-BAN), ADB (2000), Bangladesh

16. Study on ‘Integrated Framework for Trade-Related Technical Assistance to Least Developed Countries’ Initiatives, WB/IDA/GoB (1999), Bangladesh