Education and Training

Education is crucial to sustainable development, poverty alleviation and the rule of law. We have successfully undertaken projects at all stages of the education cycle and our work has covered the primary and tertiary sectors, vocational education and training and inclusive education. UCIL completed a substantial number of education projects in the following areas:

  • Teaching quality improvement
  • Impact study of femal stipned program
  • Monitoring and Tracer Study
  • Evaluation of Primary and Secondary Education
  • Vocation Training
  • Program Planning and Capaity of Education Sector

Completed projects:

1. ADB Loan No. 2101- BAN: Teaching Quality Improvement (TQI) in Secondary Education project, ADB/GoB (2005-2011), Bangladesh

2. Quantitative Evaluation of Reaching Out of School Children (ROSC) Project (S-8.2), GoB/World Bank (2010), Bangladesh

3. ADB Loan No 2015-BAN (SF): Package C: Quality Improvement in Schools and Classrooms under PEDP II, ADB/GoB (2006-2009), Bangladesh

4. Earthquake and Tsunami Emergency Support Project Package 30 Education Component ADB Grant 0002 – INO, ADB (2007-2009), Bangladesh

5. Evaluation of Pro-poor Self-Targeting Scheme of Stipend Program under FSSAP-II, World Bank/GoB (2006-2007), Bangladesh

6. Survey and Management of data for Tracer study under PLCEHD Project-1 (IDA Credit No. 3467-BD), IDA (2005), Bangladesh

7. Impact Study of Female Stipend Programme under Female Secondary Stipend Project (FSSP), GoB (2005), Bangladesh

8. Impact Study of Female Stipend Programme under Higher Secondary Female Stipend Project (HSFSP), GoB (2005), Bangladesh

9. Integrated Monitoring and Tracer Study on Female Stipend Program under Secondary Education Sector Improvement Project (SESIP), ADB/GoB (2003-2006),Bangladesh

10. Performance Based Management, Evaluation and Implementation Plan of Pilot under SESIP, ADB/GoB (2004), Bangladesh

11. Evaluation of Development of Primary Education through Intensive District Approach to Education for All (IDEAL) Project, GoB (2004), Bangladesh

12. Quantitative Impact Evaluation of Stipend Program/Tracer Study of FSSAP Stipend Recipient Girls under FSSAP -II , World Bank/GoB (2004-2006), Bangladesh

13. A Linguistic Study of the Class 1-5 Textbooks under Second Primary Education Sector Project, GoB (2001-2002), Bangladesh

14. Formative Evaluation for Basic Education for the Hard-to-Reach Urban Children (BEHTRUC) Project, UNICEF (1999-2000), Bangladesh

15. Institutional Improvements in Technical and Vocational Education and Training Project (ADB TA No. 1381-BHU), ADB (1995-2000), Bhutan

16. An Assessment of the Achievement of Pupils Completing Grade 4 of Primary Education, UNICEF (1999), Bangladesh

17. Annual Evaluation of Learners’ Achievement under Non-formal Education Project 1, ADB & GoB (1999), Bangladesh

18. A Study of Teaching Methods to Maximize Student Learning in Non-formal Education, ADB & GoB (1999), Bangladesh

19. A Study of Unenrolled Children and Dropouts at the Primary Level in Four Districts of Bangladesh, UNICEF (1998-1999), Bangladesh

20. Baseline Survey of IDEAL (Intensive District Approach to Education for All) Project in six Districts, UNICEF (1998), Bangladesh

21. Terminal Evaluation of the Integrated Non-formal Education Program, NORAD (1997-1998), Bangladesh

22. Evaluation of the Total Literacy Movement in the Chuadanga District, GoB (1997), Bangladesh

23. Second Primary Education Sector Project of Bangladesh (ADB TA No. 2469-BAN), ADB (1996-1997), Bangladesh

24. Bangladesh Vocational Training Project (ADB TA No. 2130-BAN), ADB (1995), Bangladesh

25. Management of Technical Assistance under the Female Secondary Schools Assistance Project, World Bank (1993-1994), Bangladesh

26. Follow-up Study of Pupils Transferred from Satellite Schools and NGO Schools to Primary Schools, World Bank (1994), Bangladesh

27. Survey of Satellite Schools in Bangladesh, World Bank (1993), Bangladesh

28. Strengthening Financial and Program Planning Capacity of the Education Sector, IDA (1993), Bangladesh

29. A Financing Plan for the Education Sector of Bangladesh, World Bank (1992-1993), Bangladesh

30. Secondary Education Sector Project (ADB TA No. 1562-BAN), ADB (1992-1993), Bangladesh

31. Project Preparatory Technical Assistance: Higher Secondary Education Sector Project, ADB (1990), Bangladesh

32. Impact Study of Female Stipend Program Under Higher Secondary Female Stipend Project (HSFSP), Phase III, GoB (2008), Bangladesh

33. Baseline Study of Socio-Linguistic Factors [Baseline 2(Part 2)] under English in Action Project, DFID (2008-2009), Bangladesh