UCIL’s involvement, structure, and professional staff have been growing. It has at present a full-time professional staff of 26 and an adequate number of supporting staff. In addition to its own in-house expertise, it has a pool of highly qualified senior advisers in various disciplines to assist it with policy planning, forecasting, evaluation, and research.  A number of senior and junior consultants have also been working with it for the last many years.

Some senior members of UCIL’s key management professional served as international consultants and directors of international organizations and some also held high positions at the decision-making level in different tiers of the Government of Bangladesh. Some of them also held teaching and research positions at the highest level in universities and research institutions. Particular attention is also given by UCIL to upgrading the professional skills of its staff through regular in-service training programs. It has recently deputed some of its professionals for an advanced postgraduate course in research methodology, and has also provided for in-service training for its computer-related personnel and others involved in technical tasks including data management and data processing.

UCIL is governed by a Board of Directors headed by its Chairman who is the Chief Executive and manages the affairs of the company. There are Eight Divisions; each headed by a professionally qualified person with designation of Director. These are:


  1. Agriculture, Forestry and Environment Division
  2. Fisheries and Livestock Division
  3. Education and Training Division
  4. Engineering & Water Resources Division
  5. Training Division
  6. Planning and Monitoring Division
  7. Technical Division
  8. Finance and Administration Division


The Organizational Chart of UCIL is shown in the following page.